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Trade Show Tips that Drive Qualified Leads



Veteran tech journalist David Spark has just published his new book “Three Feet from Seven Figures: One-on-One Engagement Techniques to Qualify More Leads at Trade Shows." He walks through his top trade show tips in this lively podcast.

He covers:
  • What are companies doing wrong at trade shows?
  • Easy tips to connect with people at trade shows
  • Effective trade show follow-up

First Steps to Building a Successful B2B Content Marketing Plan


Coming from Salesforce where he was the Senior Director of Content and Engagement, Dave is a seasoned expert in the content marketing and social media spaces. He's also the co-author of The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy: How Social Networks Are Radically Transforming Your Business.​ He joined Leadspace a few weeks ago with the goal of building an inbound marketing machine. In this podcast he walks through exactly how he's going to do it. 

He'll cover topics like:
  • How to build helpful content that drives real pipeline
  • How to create content even if you don't have a team of writers
  • How small marketing teams can still make a big impact 

How to Build Your Own Demand Factory


Hear top demand generation expert David Lewis walk you through how to build your own demand factory. He maps out a clear plan and describes the elements you need for a successful and scalable marketing machine. You'll see why the best B2B marketers out there go to David for advice on how to build this very thing.

He covers topics like:

  • The essential elements for your own demand factory 
  • What technologies are must-haves in 2015 
  • How to operationalize the funnel 

About David Lewis and DemandGen

For more than 20 years, CEO David Lewis has been a pioneering innovator in digital marketing, and has overseen marketing for some of Silicon Valley’s leading technology firms. David and his team at DemandGen have been at the forefront of the transformation taking place in marketing by helping 100’s of the top sales and marketing teams around the world incorporate marketing technology to drive sustainable growth. 

The State of the Art in Digital Design for B2B Marketers


Hear digital design expert Lance Shields discuss the very latest in digital design best practices in this episode. Lance and Leadspace Radio host Damon Waldron dive into the Leadspace.com redesign that's about to launch and give some great design tips for all the B2B marketers out there. Whether you're about to embark on a major redesign or want to optimize your existing site, check this podcast out.

Hear Lance discuss:

  • How to approach a site redesign the right way 
  • The biggest design sins B2B marketers commit 
  • How to stand apart from the competition when every site looks the same 
  • The process starts with the Discovery Phase and the importance before you get into any visual design 
  • How the company goals sets the tone for the design and layout 
  • Ways to look at the brand for B2B companies
  • Designing an easy to maintain system
  • How to collaborate and work with a design firm 

About Lance Shields and iiD

Lance is the co-founder and chief experience officer of iiD, a digital agency helping corporate, startup and non-profit clients innovate across all digital channels. iiD is a full service digital agency headquartered in San Francisco, designing and delivering digital experiences that matter to users and help clients thrive in the digital world. 

How to Tackle Marketing Attribution and Forecasting

Hear Nadim Hossain, CEO and Co-Founder of Brightfunnel answer all the big (and some quite geeky) questions about marketing attribution. Every data-driven marketer agonizes over this but it's critical to get it right to build an effective, optimized marketing machine.

Nadim dives into:
  • Pros and cons of the different types of marketing attribution (first touch, multi-touch, etc)
  • When is a company ready for multi-touch attribution?
  • The biggest mistakes marketers make with attribution
  • How does this fit with Account-Based Marketing initiatives
  • And much much more!

Leadspace uses predictive analytics to target the prospects that look like your best customer. Social web and structured data come together under the Leadspace platform to deliver best in class enrichment, advanced predictive scoring and confident lead discovery, that's Leadspace. Learn more at Leadspace.comor email me directly at damon@leadspace.com.

How to Build a High Performance Marketing Stack


Hear Jason Seeba, Chief Marketing Technologist from Bloomreach, share his thoughts on how to tackle an increasingly challenging task: how to build out your marketing technology stack. There are more vendors and tools than ever before so it's easy to get lost.

A Marketing Technologist is person who really brings together the engine that drives, marketing and sales and startups. So that means bringing in new technology, it's trying to figure out how to hire the teams that uses technologies to kind of improve their outreach efforts but then also bring them together in a cohesive way so that people can drive revenue. Jason maps out a clear way to think about building out a stack that fits your business needs and capabilities.

He covers:

  • How to build a successful marketing stack
  • What does a marketing technologist do?
  • The future of martech

"The beginnings of the marketing stack are really CRM and marketing automation."

 "When you are the first person in sales and marketing in a company, all you are doing is trying to figure out how to prioritize your day, your week, your month to drive revenue." 

To Build a Successful Marketing Stack: 

  • Realize the beginnings are really CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Getting CRM and CRM adoption is a key factor.
  • Driving adoption for the basics: opportunity tracking, contacts, the lead lifecycle
  • Bringing in and setup up the rules for your marketing automation system. If a tool doesn't actually create change and help you drive revenue, it's pretty worthless.  
  • Ideally the business rules you write for your marketing automation, for example Marketo, will tie to your CRM - such as Salesforce. 
  • Data optimization layer is next. 
  • Account-Based Marketing by mapping your universe before they ever consider you. Prioritize people based on personas you create. Then, the SDR, events and demand gen teams can to out and target those people and add value. 

This formula does NOT include mass emailing, relying on ad clicks. We are talking about focusing on quality over quantity when you are discussing account-based marketing. Think long term. You don't burn your contacts with tricks and hacks. This takes tact and thoughtfulness by adding value at every touch point. People need to look at you as the expert and look at you in a way that's trustworthy.

Leadspace uses predictive analytics to target the prospects that look like your best customer. Social, web and structured data come together under the Leadspace platform to deliver best in class enrichment, advanced predictive scoring and confident lead discovery, that's Leadspace. Learn more at Leadspace.com or email me directly at damon@leadspace.com.

How and Why to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Mix

Hear Michael Litt, co-founder and CEO of Vidyard make the case for why video should be part of your marketing arsenal. 
He'll answer:
  • Why should companies leverage video in their content marketing mix?
  • How do I get started, even on a limited budget?
  • What brands do a really good job with video?
  • Lead scoring on video
  • Is it actually converting? Are people even doing anything with it?
  • Why is mobile such a better goal to reach people than desktop for your video?

"Their instinct isn't to talk to a salesperson, their instinct isn't to call a company. Their interest is to consume content so they are reading blog posts looking at testimonials, reviews, watching videos, reading your blog and all of these things are educating them before they actually indicated their intent to purchase. And so video represents a huge opportunity as far as that behavior is concerned."

"A video view is technically worth a lot more because you really know what they consumed and you control that journey and again as people are spending more time researching before they are talking to sales..."

Leadspace uses predictive analytics to target the prospects that look like your best customer. Social web and structured data come together under the Leadspace platform to deliver best in class enrichment, advanced predictive scoring and confident lead discovery, that's Leadspace. Learn more at Leadspace.com or email me directly at Damon@LeadSpace.com.

Why is demand generation so hard?


Steve Gershik asks Jason Hekl of SiriusDecisions:
  • Why is demand generation so hard?
  • How is a marketer supposed to manage the complexity?
  • What are other trends in B2B marketing that you are seeing today that you think has the potential of really being transformative to the way that we market?
  • What would you advise somebody who is taking on the CMO role for the first time?

Some of the highlights include:

I went one time to a company in Florida, they actually had in their lobby, a sign welcoming me to their offices because I was the person who had the information that they needed right? 

It’s not like that anymore. People go online, they have access to so much information. You just do not see that type of interaction so it makes it harder and harder for us as marketers to get through to our target audience.

It’s both enablement and a lot more access but a lot more complex at the same time.

"But at the same point in time, they are trying to build agility in this process, into the planning and execution of their marketing progress because they know that it is a dynamic environment that they are selling into, that they have very dynamic buyers; that what they are doing every day changes so they both need a master plan to manage against but at the same point in time, build listening analysis, insight, dynamism into how they actually execute their marketing programs.

When you start talking about agility and kind of these lean approaches to how we execute our marketing programs, you start getting into data and insights and experimentation and proving and disproving hypotheses so we see a lot of that.

Transformation itself is actually a big thing that we are running into quite a bit."

"...Oh, there’s so much that goes into that answer Steve. I mean we look at the LDR function, or tele-prospecting function, I look at it as the glue that sits between sales and marketing. So the challenge that we have with that a lot of times is the mis-appreciation for how to actually even use that function. Some of the approaches that leaders can take is one, recognize that not all LDR activities are the same. 

I mean we see this, we did primary research a few years ago on this topic and we looked at the tele-prospecting function in particular. So why are they not successful as we want them to be? And one of the key reasons from that is when you look at a function that sits between sales and marketing, when you look at those LDR’s and what they are being asked to do on a day to day basis, they can be asked to be calling upon and qualify marketing generated increase. They could be aligned with sales reps and each of those sales reps has a target list of accounts that they are walking the prospect into."

You'll have to listen to the full show to get all of the stories and insights from Jason Hekl.

About our guest:
Jason Hekl, Vice President and Group Director, Demand for SiriusDecions is a marketer. His specialties include:High tech marketing, including demand generation, messaging, marketing program management, PR, analyst relations, sales and marketing operations, content development, direct marketing, event management. Prior to SiriusDecisions, Hekl was Vice President of Marketing for Coupla.

Amnon Mishor on Predictive Analytics - What are they and do I need them?

Hear one of the biggest names in predictive analytics give his take on this exciting space. Amnon Mishor, Founder & CTO of Leadspace will be our guest for this show.

You'll hear:
- How does predictive help B2B marketers?
- Is predictive right for your company?
- What's the future of the predictive space?

Amnon has military intelligence background - unique background and insights into this space.

Predictive is a very general term used in many industries. Let's focus on B2B sales and marketing domain. 

Helping you to predict the likelihood of a particular person or buyer to buy one of your products
propensity of a particular person to respond to a particular message.

Predictive scoring
Predictive discovery
You are rating this person as a better match and then targeting them.

It isn't just lead scoring.
Very commonly companies/people look at it in this way and it's too narrow.

Why is harnessing the power of advocates so important today?

Building a brand new category isn't easy – but Influitive's Jim Williams makes it seem easy. Eloqua's former Director of Product Marketing helps us realize why we need Influitive's Advocate Marketing.

Highlights included:

Yeah, it's a great question. I mean the first thing you want to do is identify who we are advocates are and I think most marketers can identify what I would call their super advocates. It's like depending on the size of your organization, it might be the top two, three, 4% of your customers that you always know you can count on for help, is the people you go to when an analyst wants to talk to a customer, you are writing a press release, you want to do a case study etc. Those are your super advocates; they already kind of step forward.

Some of the questions host, Steve Gershik asked were:

  1. Influitive and Advocate Marketing ….tell us more. Why is harnessing the power of advocates so important today?
  2. What's changed in marketing in the last few years that has made B2B a little more exciting?
  3. What is a day in the life of a VP of Marketing at a hot start-up like? What are your biggest challenges?
  4. How do you build an effective marketing strategy for something so new and different? Building a new market isn't easy, is it?
  5. Do you believe in taking risks as a marketer? Does the start-up mentality foster that?
  6. You were an integral part of a very successful marketing team at Eloqua – what best practices did you learn while part of that team? What made the Eloqua marketing team unique?

After the break:

  1. What's the secret to building a great marketing organization? Do you hire for skills? Passion? What makes a team successful?
  2. What's the best way to become a better marketer?
  3. Where does content marketing play a role in your marketing strategy?
  4. Let's talk about data. Leadspace provides social demand generation solutions –helping to provide real-time lead data for organizations. How important is accurate data for marketing?